Sam's North SKY - Cardano Pool

Our Mission - Planting Trees


I am Sam, a Computer Science engineer from Germany with 20 years of experience in Networking. Last year, my teenage son asked me whether he could take part in an environmental demonstration in the city. I told that of course he could, but I would appreciate even more if he would make his personal contribution, irrespective how small it was. Since then he is planting tress and improving the awareness regarding importance of tress.


Trees clean the air we pollute and preserve the water we drink. I wish that our children continue to live in a world where everyone can see a pollution free SKY and would like to make my little contribution by donating to projects that plant trees around the world.


I believe in Cardano and the founding principles behind it. So that the network is not controlled by few big pools, I have started this pool and wish to help new pools. 50% of the pool margin will be donated to enviornmental projects like ONE TREE PLANTED.


Please delegate to my pool - Sam's North SKY [SNSKY] and let’s make our small contribution in keeping our planet beautiful!


Click and Help!


So that we at SNSKY can regularly donate to enviornmental projects, we would be thankful to get your delegation and we are not interested in any donations! Find out how easy it is.

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How does delegation work?


Compared to Bitcoin which is based on "Proof of Work" methodolgy, and requires a lot of energy, Cardano uses "Proof of Stake" methodolgy. In simple words, in a "Proof of Stake" the pools having a high stake will have a high chance to mint blocks. The stake depends on how much the community delegates to a pool. Delegation is kind of Voting but you dont transfer any crypto currency.


Want to know more:


How can I delegate to SNSKY Pool?


It is quite easy. Assuming that you own ADA and already have Yoroi Wallet installed, click for the Tab "Delegate" and search for my pool SNSKY and then press on the green "Delegate" button. Thats it, you are done!


In case you dont have the Yoroi Wallet, you can install it from the official website:


How much can I earn by delegating?


On an average in a year you can expect to earn rewards of around 5 - 6% return on your stake. As an example if you stake 10k ADA with us you should get around 500 - 600 ADA at the end of the year. But you dont have to wait so long as you will be rewarded automatically, in this case around 7 ADA in every Epoch (every 5 days) will be transfered to you. As the rewards are staked automatically, your returns get compounded!


Can I loose any money?


No. Since no ADA is transfered you cannot loose it and it always stays  safe with you. I will recommend to use a Hardware Wallet to keep you cryptocurrencies safe and avoid using online wallets.

Which Projects does SNSKY donate to?


For the moment we have decided for ONE TREE PLANTED.  One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As an environmental charity, it's on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees! Get to know more about it:

Can I also suggest other Projects?


Yes, since we are donating regularly we welcome new ideas and projects. Important for us is that the donations clearly help on a specific enviornmental issue. Drop me a message on Twitter or Telegram.


I wish to Donate as well. How can I do it?


As said, it is enough for us if you delegate to our Pool. But in case you are so impressed that you can't resist donating, then just scan this code and transfer you ADA donation to it. We will add it the overall donations.

or you can also directly donate to my Fundraiser



All our nodes fulfill highest security standards including multiple Authentification layers and multiple firewalls.

At the moment we have 3 Relay nodes, 1 Producer node and 1 Monitoring node. One of the relays is on stand-by to act as producer if needed.


All nodes have the same specification and are with different providers at different locations, ensuring no single point of failure.



vCore CPU

8 GB


200 GB



Mbit/s Port